The Sometimes Family, a Chicago soul band, tickles your limbs and sets them in motion. Live, they put on an energetic show and strive to pull you in as we set the scene with emotional stories of heartbreak and love. Lead by Rebecca Sometimes, inspired by the likes of the Jackson 5 and the Fifth Dimension, this vocally-driven group features thumping, incredible bass, beautiful flute lines, rhythmic organ and guitar, and show-stopping drums. They would love to see you sometimes.


Offline this morning

Today we had no Internet. Julius was sad. I tried to help, but we had to somehow solve the puzzle of the 20-digit number to make it work, and it was left unsolved. We had all the packaging for the router, and even the router had numbers all over it, but none of them had as many as 20 digits. We must find Steve and get to the bottom of this. I was in the middle of iSpy on hulu and I am dying to find out what happens next.

The first Sometimes Family blog post. Wow, what an exciting life this is.

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