The Sometimes Family, a Chicago soul band, tickles your limbs and sets them in motion. Live, they put on an energetic show and strive to pull you in as we set the scene with emotional stories of heartbreak and love. Lead by Rebecca Sometimes, inspired by the likes of the Jackson 5 and the Fifth Dimension, this vocally-driven group features thumping, incredible bass, beautiful flute lines, rhythmic organ and guitar, and show-stopping drums. They would love to see you sometimes.


Shows shows shows

February has been a very busy month for the Sometimes Family, especially considering how short it is. Including a solo show, I will have played 5 shows before the month ends.
We played a great little set at an apartment in Logan Square on Friday.
You will note back in the fall I bought a bike from a guy on that I wanted to add a motor to. Well, when I went to pick up the bike, I stepped inside Jack's apartment and saw a bunch of instruments. I got to talking to him and mentioned our little band, and he said he did house concerts. He said to send him our myspace so he can consider us for a show.
Months passed and no word. However, Jack, a fellow gmail user, kept popping up on my list of IM buddies, so I was constantly reminded of our transaction and the fact that he still hadn't gotten back to me.
Valentine's Day, '10. I'm dogsitting and drinking vodka. Jack is on and I'm poised for our gmail chat.
"This is the person that bought that yellow bike from you."
etc. etc. etc.

He invited us to play at a house show he was doing later that week, on Friday, and we did.
We didn't know anyone, but small world as it is, we had some friends (not in attendance) in common. Also, some of our friends came out to see us. Our whole band of 5 played a stripped-down set and got a wonderful response. We probably got more names on our mailing list that night than ever before, with only 10 or 20 people outside of our own there. I didn't even announce the fanmail list. They came to me!
Steve and I were the last to leave. We had a great time. I'm not sure how the others in the band felt, but they are, as always, invited to blog about it.

Tuesday we'll play a set at Jeff Breakey's house in Pilsen. I'll try to remember to write about that.

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