The Sometimes Family, a Chicago soul band, tickles your limbs and sets them in motion. Live, they put on an energetic show and strive to pull you in as we set the scene with emotional stories of heartbreak and love. Lead by Rebecca Sometimes, inspired by the likes of the Jackson 5 and the Fifth Dimension, this vocally-driven group features thumping, incredible bass, beautiful flute lines, rhythmic organ and guitar, and show-stopping drums. They would love to see you sometimes.


Grandpa Sometimes

Grandpa Sometimes' favorite color is orange.  It used to be blue.  It's no longer blue because orange gives grandpa a really good feeling.  He noticed that orange had eclipsed blue in the favorite color race when he started to be drawn towards orange clothing.  

Grandpa Sometimes was attending an event once wearing an orange shirt.  It was a Baltimore Orioles shirt.  Someone at the event said, "Hey, are you from Baltimore?"  Grandpa Sometimes just replied, "No, I just like the color orange."

Grandpa Sometimes used to tell people that his favorite color was blue.  It was for a very long time.  When he was a young boy, he'd ask his father what his favorite color was.  His father would always reply that blue was his favorite color.  So that is why Grandpa Sometimes used to say blue was his favorite color.

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